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Call Us Today!
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Comprehensive Eye Care

Including eye examinations for adults, children, and Seniors.
Detection and management of eye diseases.
Optical Services, including Frames and Lenses.
Contact Lens Exams including single vision, astigmatic and bifocal lenses.
Dr. D’Addio is a graduate of Fairfield University where he received a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. He attended Massachusetts college of Optometry and completed a residency program at the New York College of Optometry. Postgraduate certificates in Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases as well as in Advanced Optometry were awarded from The New England, Pennsylvania and New York Colleges of Optometry so as to provide the best and most comprehensive eye care.
Dr. D’Addio was the Director of the former Teamster Union Vision Center located in Milford, Connecticut which serviced Teamsters, Connecticut Laborers, Operating Engineers and their families. He was an associate for a New Heaven Ophthalmologist, Dr. Jerome Freedman and was the Optometrist for the Veteran's Nursing Home in West Haven as well as Arterburn Nursing Home in West Haven while maintaining a private practice in West Haven, Connecticut.
He received the 1988 Foster’s Business Review Commendation for his expert Comprehensive Eye Care. He is also a former recipient of Guilford Professional Registry of Who’s Who. He has also received a Certificate of Excellence for his commitment to high quality care from the Vision Service Plan. Dr. D’Addio has been a member of both The American Optometric Association and Connecticut Association of Optometrists throughout his Optometric Career.

Blurred vision, squinting, eye fatigue, slow learning in children, eye irritation, headaches and eye pain are some of the signs which indicate eye problems exist. It is more important to have regular eye examinations by a trained eye professional and Dr. D’addio is the one to see for the quality service.

Services provided at our office include:

• Comprehensive Eye Examinations, including Pediatric Eye Examination
• Contact Lens Examination and Contact lenses including astigmatic and multifocal lenses
• Detections of Eye Disease, including Glaucoma, Cataract, Macular and Retinal Disease
• Management of Dry Eye and Pink Eye
• Foreign Body Removal
• LASIK Co-Management
• Spectacle Frames and Lenses

The cornerstone of good eye care is a regularly scheduled comprehensive eye examination.
So call our office at 203-934-4611.

Since your eyes are most sacred of your 5 senses, it is important that you and your children be checked yearly for any type of vision problem. Just because you see clearly, it doesn’t mean your eyes are perfectly healthy or performing as effectively as they should. And that is why you should have a through and comprehensive eye examination, including the detection of any eye disease.
Since Dr. D’Addio has a genuine concern for his patients and for the quality of vision care available to the community, our office is the one to see in New Haven County. Using the latest in high tech equipment, our office strives to detect and manage glaucoma, cataract, retinal and macular disease as well as provide Lasik Co-Management services. And in our dispensing area, we provide quality frames and lenses as well as contact lenses allow you to see as clearly as possible.
Call us at 203 934-4611.
Contact Lenses and You
For many, contact lenses are worn to correct vision, to change eye color, and to protect the cornea for therapeutic reasons. But what most people don’t realize is that a contact lens is a medical device that must be properly fitted by an Eye Care Professional to ensure good corneal health. Although comfortably worn by many people, contacts must be a safe and effective way to correct vision for all contact lens wearers. Contacts are not risk free. When not properly fit, contacts can cause eye pain, corneal ulcers, and possible permanent vision loss. And Dr. D’Addio is that Eye Care Professional for you. He can explain the benefits or wearing contacts while at the same time reducing your chance of developing problems.
His office can help you choose the right contact lens for you. Contact lens choices include single vision lenses to correct nearsightedness, far sightedness, and astigmatism and bifocal lenses to correct presbyopia. Type of contact lenses include daily wear, frequent replacement (bi-weekly or monthly daily wear lenses) and extended wear. So give his office a call at 203 934-4611. Contact lens examinations are recommended on a yearly basis to ensure that good corneal health is being maintained as well as to assess vision and to update prescription power.
If contact lenses interest you, call him at 203 934-4611

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